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Dover Shores Elementary – Sarnafil Adhered Roof

Customer Name: Dover Shores Elementary School
Location: Orlando, FL
Roof Type: Sarnafil Adhered
Project Manager: Cam Raby
Project Size: 41,500 sq. ft.
Completion Date: June 2018
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Project Description:

Dover Shores Elementary School: New Construction for Orange County Public School District, No Wrinkles accepted, No Problem for Springer-Peterson.

Having worked with the Orange County Public School District before, we at Springer-Peterson were pleased to begin the new construction endeavor for Dover Shores Elementary School. The roof design contained 4 sections with various sizing, and it was imperative that no wrinkles were found in the finish of the roof system. This was made clear by the Orange Country Public School District: wrinkles would simply not be accepted, and we were ready to deliver this request.


The roof system proposed for Dover Shores Elementary School was to be 41,500 sq. ft, and no wrinkles were to be found in the finish.


At Springer-Peterson, we are always up for a challenge. The moment testing on the deck pour was completed and accepted by the General Contractor, the roofing project began and we were ready to adhere to the aesthetic desires of our client.

Knowing that no wrinkles were to be accepted, when the fleece back membrane was adhered directly to the deck, much care was taken to avoid any wrinkles or bird-bathing in the installation of the membrane. In addition, all flashings were installed meticulously as to avoid any wrinkles.

One row of Sarnastop was installed at a 3’ perimeter and stripped in to add the wind requirements. Hatches and ladder ups were also installed along with walkway pads as required.

The project was a complete success. In the end all parties were satisfied, and the chosen roof system was void of wrinkles as desired.