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Four Lakes Clubhouse Boral Barcelona Tile Re-Roof

Customer Name: Four Lakes Clubhouse
Location: Winter Haven, FL
Roof Type: Steep Slope - Boral Barcelona Tile
Project Manager: Cam Raby
Project Size: 31,050 sq. ft.
Completion Date: May 2018
Services Provided

Project Description:

Re-Roofing Project for Clubhouse without affecting business and working hours.

At Springer Peterson, we are well prepared and able to complete re-roofing projects for businesses during business hours. We understand the importance of keeping your doors open for your clientele as to not affect the continuity and flow of your business. Springer Peterson is the best for projects of this criteria, as we take the necessary steps to ensure seamless execution and have extensive experience with projects of this type.


The Four Lakes Clubhouse wanted a re-roof of their member Clubhouse. This project was a challenge to access from the rear portion, as there was no access due to the placement of the pool. Also, work had to be accomplished without affecting business hours and customers.


Roof replacement of Grasslands Clubhouse due to leaks and damaged tile. Project must be completed during business hours and without any disruption to on-going business and customers.

The re-roofing was executed with special attention to the on-going business. The existing tile and related components were removed to expose plywood deck. All gutters and downspouts were also removed. Included in this project was the shuffleboard courts, grill house and guard shack.

All existing decking was inspected, repaired as needed and re-nailed in accordance to the Florida Building Code. Boral Tile seal was installed to the deck and once the roof was all removed and dried the Boral Barcelona 900 Tile and related components were installed. Brand new seamless gutters and downspouts were installed, and made custom on-site with our machinery.

Overall, the project was completed seamlessly and without interfering with ongoing business. The Clubhouse remained open throughout the project and we were even asked to remove and replace the shingles on their sales office which we gladly did. It was a project well done and our client was satisfied.