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Hunter’s Creek Carlisle 80 mil PVC

Customer Name: Supermarket
Location: Orlando, FL
Roof Type: Carlisle 80 MIL PVC
Project Manager: Cam Raby
Project Size: 45,000 sq. ft.
Completion Date: May 2018
Services Provided

Project Description:

Zero interference with supermarket retailer business, during major roof replacement.

As the preferred contractor with a supermarket retailer, it was our pleasure to be of service when its Orlando location needed a roof replacement. With our established relationship and successful track record of servicing, we were delighted to lend a helping hand in solving the presented roofing issues. We successfully replaced the roof and did so without interfering with their business hours.


Roof leaks were prevalent in the existing roofing system and a complete roof replacement was needed. In addition, it was imperative that the supermarket remain open to its customers without any interference to business during roof replacement. Lastly, a concern about electrical conduits that were run above the ceiling grid on the underside of the metal decking was pressing; as without special attention to these conduits during roof installation, damage to these would produce a power shortage.

The property manager for this property was familiar with Springer-Peterson and liked our work from jobs we’ve done in the past.

Cam Raby - Operations Manager | Springer-Peterson


With over thirty years of experience, it was no surprise that Springer-Peterson swooped in and effortlessly installed the new roofing system, despite the challenges. Prior to installation, we rented a man-lift, went above the ceiling tiles, and demarcated all the electrical conduits that could slightly be affected during roof installation. With a clear map of all conduits, installation was seamless and did not affect electrical power in any way.

The new roof system consisted of a new Rhinobond System: a Carlisle 80 MIL PVC. During removal of the previous system, we made sure all sections were water tight. The client also elected for the new membrane to run up and over the top of the walls. We then applied coping on top of the walls so that there would be redundancy as far was water penetration. Not long ago, new gutters were installed in the back of the building, therefore, those were left in place and we ran the new roofing system and drip-edge to those gutters.

Overall, the client was pleased with the outcome of their new roof. Business was not affected what so ever, zero electrical conduits were affected and all of our equipment and man power was situated behind the supermarket, out of sight. It was a pleasure working alongside the client and all parties involved were satisfied with the finished project.