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Lake Thonotosassa Residential Roof New Construction

Customer Name: Cardel Homes
Location: Lake Thonotosassa ,FL
Roof Type: Forter Old World Slate Tile
Project Manager: Cam Raby
Project Size: 14,200 sq. ft.
Completion Date: June 2018
Services Provided

Project Description:

New Construction, Small Job-Site, No Problem: No challenge is too difficult for Springer-Peterson while tasked with installing a single-ply roofing system for Florida Southern College.

Aesthetically pleasing, clean application … just some words that come to mind for the roofing project completed for the Francis Family Admissions building at Florida Southern College. This was a brand-new building and its roof was made of concrete, metal and wood. We were glad when the General Contractor, Rodda Construction, decided to hire on Springer-Peterson to install this new construction single-ply roofing project. Sarnafil was the primary manufacturer and all their products were used for this project.


As with any new construction project, there is a “hurry up & wait for sections to be built” cycle that is a sure bet. Springer-Peterson is no stranger to these types of projects. New construction sites are known for being more challenging because of the unpredictability of scheduling and the fact that other trade workers are on-site at the same time.

Another challenge was that the actual job site was small and congested. It was located under a canopy of trees. Additionally, there was a sunken drain area that needed special attention.

Also, the metal deck of the roof was a slope section, similar to a ski slope. A lot of wood work and specialty metal edge work was going to be necessary as a result.

Last but not least, there were some areas of the roof that were visible out the windows of the lower areas of the building. A clean application was necessary to ensure that it looked good and in general, was easy on the eyes.


While there were various challenges, it was most obvious that this project was in need of a partner like Springer-Peterson who could respond at a moment’s notice and be there when needed. Springer-Peterson’s reputation for quick response time and flexibility was a huge value-add for a project such as this one. We also needed to exhibit patience as often new construction projects have weather delays that can result in schedule pauses. We were able to deliver at the end of the day.

With having a small and crowded job-site, moving the equipment around where there was little access was an obstacle but one that we knew we could overcome. One of the ways we alleviated this issue was to bring the materials up during the weekend when other trades were not working on this new construction site.

As for the metal slope section, we had to make the metal work right with the curve of the roof and the specialty metal edge work we did made it more visually appealing.

Overall, this project was deemed a success and passed all inspections. The client and General Contractor were pleased with the quality work performed.

Details of this project included: On the metal deck section, Springer-Peterson installed four inches of ISO insulation and 60 mill Sarnafil membrane mechanically attached to the roof and deck. On the concrete and wood sections, two inches of ISO insulation was installed, quarter inch per foot tapered insulation set in a polybond adhesive. Sarnafil 60 mill sheet was set in adhesive.