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Sarnafil RhinoBond Layover

Customer Name: Supermarket Retailer
Location: Clearwater, FL
Roof Type: Sarnafil RhinoBond Layover
Project Manager: Cam Raby
Project Size: 45,000 sq. ft.
Completion Date: May 2018
Services Provided

Project Description:

No loss of business, no down-time for this supermarket retailer during their roof replacement.

As the preferred contractor with a supermarket retailer, it was our pleasure to be of service when its Clearwater location was in need of a roof replacement. With our established relationship and successful track record of servicing, we were delighted to lend a helping hand in solving the presented roofing issues. We successfully replaced the roof and did so without interfering with their business hours.


The facility has a 45,000 sq. ft roof. Leaks throughout the roof system were prevalent since its life span had come to an end and was beyond repair. It was crucial that the roof be replaced in a manner that did not interfere with their business hours, and that all gutters and downspouts be replaced, and new access ladders installed.


Springer-Peterson is no stranger to replacing roofs. Within 3 months, we efficiently overlaid the existing roof with ½” dens deck and installed a 60 mill Sarnafil Rhinobond System. We worked diligently alongside their tenants, as the portion of the roof replacement was over the retail section of the store. In addition, new Stainless-steel gutters and downspouts were installed, and clad metal was used on the gutter edges.

One of the challenges on this roof was that the gutter edge, with its existing flashing and metal installed, was ponding water. Our solution, was to remove the existing roof from the edge to approximately 8 in. and use thin layers of tapered insulation, along with some cutting and shaving, to eliminate the belly and get a smooth transition into the gutter.

Another challenge was when the same retailer approached us and expressed their desire in wanting new access ladders with step-off platforms for each roof level. Typically, such a ladder would have to be outsourced, manufactured elsewhere and once made, would then have to be shipped and installed. At Springer-Peterson, however, we enlisted our very own Fabrication Department to manufacture and install these ladders all under the same roof. No waiting for shipment, no downtime.

Overall, the project was a success, as the roof was replaced without interfering with business hours, all gutters and downspouts were replaced, and custom access ladders were installed by our Fabrication Department. The retailer was pleased and it was our pleasure to be of service.