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Southeastern University Stainless Steel Additions

Customer Name: Southeastern University
Location: Lakeland, FL
Fabrication Type: Food Grade Stainless Steel Assembly
Project Manager: Joey Sloan
Campus Location: Tuscana Ristorante
Completion Date: December 2018

Project Description:

Cleanliness is top priority! Newly-designed and hand-fabricated stainless steel additions to Southeastern University’s dining area.

Southeastern University and Springer-Peterson have a long-standing client relationship. We have done several decorative stainless steel and structural support jobs at the campus, making our lengthy history of previous quality work recognizable.

Naturally, when Southeastern realized they had conflicting circumstances in their main student dining area, “Tuscana Ristorante”, they knew they could call upon Springer-Peterson for help. The root of the problem stemmed from the construction of the building material, which was not designed to withstand the chemical cleaning agents and constant moisture in a commercial kitchen environment. With cleanliness and sanitation being an absolute must in a food service area, Southeastern University needed to take action promptly to correct the problem. After assessing the situation and taking certain steps, the Fabrication team at Springer-Peterson successfully transported and installed newly fabricated synthetic antimicrobials stainless steel additions. This finally solved the campus’s kitchen crisis.


When Southeastern University’s concern for their kitchen sanitation grew, they gave Springer-Peterson’s dream team fabricators the project to resolve. The previously used building materials that held status in the campus kitchen could not withstand the chemical cleaning agents and the continuous moisture that existed in the commercial kitchen’s atmosphere. These circumstances led to the breakdown of the kitchen’s prior construction. The materials began to disintegrate by either rusting or holding water and debris that would allow for mold growth and other unsanitary conditions.

This project was a challenge because all the parts had to be replicated by field sketches and dimensions taken under working conditions. They also had to be reproduced to fit exactly in accommodation with the equipment and utilities that were affected. It had to go in smoothly and fit correctly the first time as there was no time for mistakes on this job.


Springer-Peterson’s Fabrication team recommended that the entire wall section in the kitchen be removed and reconstructed using exclusively stainless steel for both the structure and the decorative finish. The recommendation was approved and agreed upon by Southeastern University.

The initial step that had to be taken, to assure safety and completion of the job, was to work closely with the Facility Manager and staff at Southeastern University. This would ensure that Springer-Peterson completed the entire the project by not hindering normal operations. This required work both day and night to maintain minimal impact the university’s operations and overall facilities.

The task given to Springer-Peterson’s team of fabricators would have to be executed with extreme accuracy. Before Springer-Peterson underwent any fabricating, the team planned everything precisely by utilizing both Auto Cad drawing software and laser measuring tools on-site. This would allow proactive discussion of all conflict resolutions and installation hurdles that may have hindered the installation of the stainless steel. By using animations, precision equipment, and software … it would then secure a smooth and efficient installation long before the first screw was ever removed.

The execution of the job was implemented by providing both stainless steel and synthetic antimicrobial products that were designed and hand fabricated in the Springer-Peterson fabrication shop. After completion of material fabrication, the products were successfully transported to Southeastern University’s “Tuscana Ristorante” dining area and successfully installed by our fabricators.

Ultimately, Southeastern University was extremely satisfied with the new renovations. The job was completed in a timely fashion with an exceptionally detailed application. In results of another “A+” job being performed at the university by our highly-experienced and talented Fabrication team, Springer-Peterson is now being called upon for further similar repairs. Springer-Peterson’s Fabrication team is eager to work with Southeastern again in the near future!