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Tampa Maid Food Roof Replacement

Customer Name: Tampa Maid Food
Location: Lakeland,FL
Roof Type: Modified Bitumen Roof
Project Manager: Cam Raby
Project Size: 72,000 sq. ft.
Completion Date: November 2017

Project Description:

No loss of business, no down-time for Tampa Maid Food during their Roof Replacement.

Tampa Maid Food is a seafood packaging plant located in Lakeland, FL. Springer-Peterson was thrilled when the long-standing, reputable manufacturer, Garland, invited them in to provide an estimate for this large-scale, challenging project. As a preferred contractor for Garland, Springer-Peterson has a proven, strong track record of problem-solving ability so we were naturally an ideal fit.


Tampa Maid Food has a massive roof measuring 72.000 sq. ft. and it was originally an old Built Up gravel roofing system. Their current roof was at the end of its life cycle and had multiple leaks. Tampa Maid Food was looking for the best solution, one that would not interfere with their operation or contaminate any of their food goods.

The biggest challenge was that Tampa Maid Food had hundreds of obstacles and penetrations on the roof. There was only one access point on one end of this large roof so the accessibility was very difficult. Once these challenges were identified, we knew that a project of this magnitude was one we not only had the capability of taking on, but one with challenges we could tackle and overcome.


Springer-Peterson removed the existing roof down to the deck and installed the specified Garland roofing system as planned. This Garland Roofing System was a Modified Bitumen Roof that was torch applied. The surfacing was applied with a cold-adhesive.

I want to thank Garland and Springer-Peterson for an excellent job on completing the total tear-off and rebuild of the Tampa Maid Foods’ roof. We understand that our roof was filled with obstacles and a more difficult project to address. Thank you for your many trips to site and being with us every step of the way. This project was a success and Tampa Maid Foods greatly appreciates the work that Springer-Peterson has done.

- Tampa Maid Foods

To overcome the accessibility issues, Springer-Peterson built ramps, removed rails & stairways, and ducked under where needed. We also built low carts to carry the materials underneath the piping since discovering the piping was too low to get to where we needed to go. It was highly difficult for Springer-Peterson to get from point A to point B and to move materials and debris during this project so these solutions allowed the project to move forward on time to completion.

The best part of this roof replacement project was that there were no daily business disruptions, no food contamination, no loss of business, no downtime, no water intrusion, and all occurred within an odor free environment. Tampa Maid Food was extremely pleased and deemed this project a complete success.