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Commercial Roofing

University of Florida – School of Architecture

Customer Name: University of Florida – Architecture Building
Location: Gainesville, FL
Roof Type: Siplast
Project Manager: Jerry Clemons
Project Size: 325 Squares
Completion Date: March 2021

Project Description:

Complex Roofing Project at University of Florida with our Service Team.

This year, Springer-Peterson had the opportunity to bid on the University of Florida’s School of Architecture Building roofing project in Gainesville, FL. Their roof had lived a full life and it was time for it to come down. For years, Springer-Peterson has been actively involved with UF and has made numerous presentations for the students at the Rinker School of Construction. Naturally, we were thrilled for this opportunity and sharpened our pencils to go to work on a project estimate. We were excited to hear the great news that we secured the work and we were ready to jump in to get started. This project was a joint effort between Springer-Peterson, The University of Florida, Stellar Group, KMF Architecture, TLC Engineering along with Simpson Environmental and North Florida Roof Decks as subcontractors to Springer-Peterson.

The plan was to do a complete removal of the existing roof, related flashings and other components. Even the existing lightweight concrete down to the existing concrete deck was to be taken down. This project consisted of 325 squares of existing Coal Tar BUR over lightweight insulating concrete over a concrete deck.

It’s simple, right? Of course not!

  • The existing roofing plies not only were installed in coal tar pitch, but the paper used was containing asbestos along with the flashings and cements. That being said, we contracted with Simpson Environmental to remove the existing roof and flashings down to the lightweight deck. Springer-Peterson then removed the lightweight insulating concrete down to the concrete deck.
  • Then, we primed the deck and installed a single-ply Siplast 20 TG torch applied membrane to the concrete deck to dry in daily.

This all took a huge, coordinated effort from our crews on this project. Our roofing and abatement crews would go in around midnight and work until nearly noon the following day. The roofing crew was pushing the abatement crew so essentially, they had to work at the pace of roofers in order to stay in front of it so we could dry in.

Once the entire roof area had been removed and dried in, Springer-Peterson contracted with North Florida Roof Decks to install new tapered insulation and a new pour of lightweight insulating concrete with proper slope. With the new lightweight insulating concrete poured in place, we did the following:

  • Installed a torch applied Siplast Roofing System consisting of a single-ply of parabase mechanically attached to the lightweight. Fasteners were installed in the field of the roof in three rows. It was a boatload of fasteners to say the least!
  • Once the base sheet was attached, we then torch applied a single-ply of Siplast 20 TG with a single-ply of Siplast 30 FR TG torch applied over it. ½” securock had to be installed on all of the parapet walls prior to torching on the single-ply of Siplast 20 TG and Siplast 30 FR TG as a cap flashing.
  • Put the finishing touches on all the walls with Siplast ParaGard coping and ParaGard edge metal at all edge locations.
  • Installed all new wood blocking and nailers in advance. There were also a couple of walls where brick had to be removed and new stainless steel through wall flashings installed along with counterflashing where the brick was then reinstalled.

Additionally, we were also asked to take on work located on all the terraces consisting of fabricating and installing drainage boxes. All this complete with filters, lockable clean outs, receiver metal and counter flashing for the walls after the new concrete and store fronts were installed.

A successful project was the end result…Springer-Peterson would like to thank the University of Florida and Stellar Group for trusting us on this important project and we look forward to working on future university projects. Without our laborers, roofers, foremen and superintendents in the field, the work cannot be done so we owe each of them a sincere thanks for going above and beyond. In this project, we recognize them for working odd hours, waiting out rainstorms, pumping water and doing the roofing work they were there to do. Without a doubt, this project is one that took a village and each of us who were involved are proud to have worked on this amazing project.