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Employee Spotlight – Lisa Yates

#journeyto40 It’s our honor to present Lisa Yates, Service Foreman, as a Wall of Famer. Our 40th anniversary is about people like Lisa who have been an integral part of our company’s success. Read below about Lisa’s journey with Springer-Peterson and insight into her proudest moments and most rewarding experiences.

What are your main responsibilities in your role at Springer-Peterson?
My main responsibilities are to be a good leader; have others follow my example; train my employees to do the job in a correct, safe and professional way. I also am responsible for treating customers with utmost respect. I try to help the customers as quickly and directly as possible, so they are satisfied with our work. They are the reason I receive a paycheck. They are the biggest asset to our company.

When and why did you become involved in the roofing industry?
I have been involved in the construction industry since 1988. I got involved because I like working outside. I’ve been involved in several pre-apprentice programs in other states and currently in my last year of the roofer apprenticeship, provided to me here at Springer-Peterson.

Tell us about your first roofing experience?
My first roofing experience I had was as a carpenter. I didn’t shingle but I sheeted the roof and dried it all in. Even then, I was always working safe and tied off.

What is the most memorable roofing project that you have been on and why was it so memorable?
All of the Publix jobs are memorable for me. It’s a great process. I like the people I work with and after it is done, seeing the finished product is always satisfying.

How would you describe working with Springer-Peterson?
It’s an adventure for real. Every day is different and that is what makes it an adventure. The people are great, the communication is good, and I am very grateful to be working here.

What has kept you working for Springer-Peterson for as long as you’ve been here?
I really like that the company has allowed me to prove what I can do and has helped me to develop and grow. I have certainly been allowed to expand my horizon by learning and adding new skills to my experience.

What characteristics make you successful in your daily job?
I believe I am successful because of my outlook for others, my team mindset, and my ability to get the job done. Each new day, I am determined to prove to myself that I can do more than the day before.

Tell us your proudest moment.
My proudest moment ever was when my uncle wanted to come to my house but since I had stairs as the entry to my house, he would not be able to enter because he was in a wheelchair. I was able to use my carpentry skills and quickly “ship up” a ramp that would allow him to comfortably enter my home. Another proud moment was how I overcame my fear of heights before starting to work in construction.

What is your most rewarding experience?
My most rewarding experience is being given opportunities throughout my career to obtain additional education and to complete it while I was working. It’s also very rewarding to teach others what I’ve learned and to see them use the tools to be successful themselves.