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Author: #WallOfFamer

Will Martin

What are your main responsibilities in your role at Springer-Peterson?
My main role is the safety of the guys that work around me. Making sure the job is run properly with all the material and safety set up. Essentially, making sure the job is done right.  I’m often told I am overzealous on safety. I’ve been here in this role for 12 years but overall about 30 years!

When and why did you become involved in the roofing industry?
I have known Don Springer since I was 14.  Dad and Don were good friends. Don,Tom Walden, my Dad, and Doug Yeck got me into the business after I graduated from high school and met the Springer family.

Tell us about your first roofing experience?
My very first roofing experience was working on the Publix cabinet shop and that is where I got to meet George Jenkins.  I really enjoyed meeting people who otherwise I would never get a chance to meet. It was also great to work out in the fresh air.

What is the most memorable roofing project that you have been on and why was it so memorable?
Legoland was a memorable job!  Helping them do the platforms for the Legos was both interesting and challenging.

How would you describe working with Springer-Peterson?
Working at Springer-Peterson is great.  I love the people, office staff, and foremen.  There is a lot of one-on-one communication which is important because these individuals really become a part of your life.

You have many years invested in Springer-Peterson, what has kept you with the company for so long?
Even though I have quit three times (attributed to just being inexperienced, getting my “feelings hurt” and making bad decisions.), I started with the company the first time back in the 80s. I have always asked to come back realizing that this is a wonderful place to work.  The grass is not always greener. I am treated well by this company.

What characteristics make you successful in your daily job?
My drive and loving the work that I do with my hands is what I believe makes me successful.

Tell us your proudest moment.
My proudest moment was when I received the Employee of the Year award this past year and Daniel Boatwright, the VP, was talking about me and how much he thought of me and my contributions to the company.  It was very touching, and I never realized that anybody looked up to me like this.