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Daniel Boatwright New President
Author: #LeadershipTransition

Springer-Peterson Leadership Transition Announcement

We are excited to announce a significant change in our leadership team at Springer-Peterson. We are thrilled to welcome Daniel Boatwright as our new President, effective July 1, 2024.

Rob Springer will transition from his role as President to become the Chairman of the Board. Rob will continue to be actively involved with Springer-Peterson and play an integral role in our company’s strategic direction. “It gives me great pride to share this announcement by the Board of Directors, that Daniel has been elevated to the position of President of Springer-Peterson. Daniel is respected by all of our dedicated employees, along with our clients, subcontractors, distributors and others within our great industry. Since he is already recognized as our leader, this announcement just solidifies what is already known and has been well earned. I certainly wish him the best in his new role!” said Rob Springer after a unanimous vote from the Board of Directors.

Daniel Boatwright began his tenure at Springer-Peterson in 1995 while completing high school and has since worked his way up the ladder serving in many roles and capacities within all three divisions of our company, spanning more than 29 years. In 2019, he completed the Future Executive Institute program by National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA). Most recently, Daniel has served as the company’s Vice President for the last 10 years. Daniel, upon accepting the role of President at Springer-Peterson, remarked, “Being entrusted with the role of President is both a profound honor and a significant responsibility. I am committed to leading with integrity, vision, and dedication, ensuring our collective success and growth. Together, we will build an exciting future.”

Rob added, “Springer-Peterson is in great hands with Daniel as our next president, and it will be the first time since our founding back in 1981, that the company will be led by someone not named Springer.” We look forward to Daniel Boatwright being at the helm of Springer-Peterson and know we are poised for continued growth and achievement, paving the way for a successful future.

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