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Spotlight on HR & Safety

By: #journeyto40 | May 17, 2021
safety spotlight

Working for a smaller company with a dedicated Human Resources and Safety department is truly a blessing for our employees. Our employees have people who are committed to their employment journey here at Springer-Peterson as well as someone there making sure they make it home safely each and every night to their families…

Employee Spotlight – Marsha McCollam

By: #journeyto40 | May 10, 2021
Martha McCollam Wall of Fame

It’s been a great time to reflect on our company history and recognize our all-star employees. For Springer-Peterson’s 40th Anniversary virtual celebration, we are excited to announce that we have selected Marsha McCollam as our Wall of Famer this month.

Employee Spotlight – Kenneth Bozeman

By: #journeyto40 | April 15, 2021
Kenneth Bozeman Highlight

As we virtually celebrate Springer-Peterson’s 40th Anniversary, we are thrilled to have selected Kenneth Bozeman as our Wall of Famer this month. Below are several questions we asked Kenneth about his 31-year tenure with Springer-Peterson.

Project Highlight – Univ. of Florida Architecture Building

By: #journeyto40 | April 15, 2021
project highlight

This year, Springer-Peterson had the opportunity to bid on the University of Florida’s School of Architecture Building roofing project in Gainesville, FL. Their roof had lived a full life and it was time for it to come down.

Spotlight on Leadership – Daniel Boatwright

By: #journeyto40 | March 23, 2021
leadership spotlight

As we focus on our #Journeyto40 and beyond, we sat down with Daniel Boatwright to learn more about our company’s future outlook and his take on the roofing industry. Let’s gain insight into his perspective…

Employee Spotlight – Rodney Nance

By: #journeyto40 | March 11, 2021
Wall of Famer - Rodney Nance

Our virtual celebration continues…Reflecting back on our journey over the last 40 years, our next Wall of Famer is Rodney Nance. Rodney has worked at Springer-Peterson since 1993. 28 years later, we are honored to take some time to talk with Rodney about his perspective on this journey!